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the people of pepsico

  • Alexia Horley
  • Kim McConnie

Alexia Horley

Alexia has been with our Australian operations for over 5 years firstly within PepsiCo Beverages, joining in the role of Finance Manager prior to moving across to the Beverages Commercial Manager role in September 2008. In May 2010, she was appointed Business Development Manager – Independents within The Smith's Snackfood Company. In January 2013 Alexia took over the role of National Pack Price Strategy Manager for Smith's. Alexia lives in Sydney. Alexia holds a Bachelor degree in Commerce from The University of Sydney.

Kim McConnie

Kim joined PepsiCo in August 1998 and has held a variety of roles within PepsiCo in Australia and Thailand. Starting her PepsiCo career in sales based in Australia, she then relocated to Thailand to take on the role of Snacks Marketing Director. Upon returning to the Australia and New Zealand business, Kim was appointed as the Marketing Director for Beverages ANZ. In 2014 Kim was appointed Senior Director Sports Marketing Beverages North America. Kim holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Technology Sydney and a Bachelor Degree of Commerce from Griffith University, Brisbane.